Cheer finishes in top ten

Previously printed in The Tribune, Volume 11, Issue 5, April 2014, at Liberty High School in Henderson, NV.


On Mar. 29, the Liberty competitive cheer squad went to compete at the USA Nationals in Anaheim, California.

They competed in the large varsity show cheer intermediate division against 18 other teams.

“I felt that our team had to show a way for us to stand out and have other judges notice us,” cheerleader Remeika Perea (12) said. “Otherwise, we would just be another team that they had to watch.”

To advance to day two, the team needed to be in the top six finalists, whereas to place with a trophy, they needed to come in 7th, 8th, or 9th.

“When I knew we had to be in the top six, I was a little nervous,” cheerleader Brooke Battistoni (9) said. “I knew if we all kept our heads high and did what we were supposed to, we would be fine.”

The squad came in 10th being 0.4 points away from getting a 9th place trophy.

“It was devastating news to hear [that we were that close],” Perea said. “It made me feel like our team as a whole didn’t give 100 percent, even though some of us put our hearts into it.”

The squad was disappointed, but they have improved from last year at nationals getting 22nd out of 25 teams.

The only penalty they got this time was a touch down out of a tumbling pass.

“I thought that the team did well. I was very proud of them,” head coach Jennifer Mercer said.

Even though the squad didn’t do as well as they had hoped, they still came out on top with better scores than last year at nationals and a better chance for next year.


By: Amanda Slee


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