New ASU food organization

Spoon University is an online food publication for students by students that is forming at ASU this semester.

According to Spoon University’s website, they provide easy recipes, tricks you never knew about and the best food spots around campus.

This organization has chapters at more than 150 college campuses helping students in two aspects. First, they are helping student journalists, marketers and event planners to build up skills for their future career by being a part of the team. Second, it is helping students on campus who are reading this publication learn about food in their area and even how to cook for themselves.

“I feel [this publication] would help out a lot especially incoming freshman,” Emilee Breaker said. “I’m a senior and I wish that would’ve been around.”

Coming to college tons of students are on their own for the first time and they don’t know how to provide for themselves. Breaker explains that the first thing students think of is fast food.

The goal for Spoon University is to help students understand food better and break the fast food habit.

ASU’s new chapter for Spoon University is looking for students to join their team. For those Interested visit,


By: Amanda Slee


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