Why do I love photography?

My favorite photographers, that inspire me, are Kareem Black, Annie Leibovitz, Sharon Montrose, and Neil Leifer. The things I love about photography are that I can capture the unexpected and between luck and skill I get that perfect image. Also, I love the thrill of hearing people rave about my work.

The creation of photography gives me a thrill, makes me excited, and provides me with joy of everyone’s pleasure making me feel accomplished.  I hope to convey the emotions of happiness, excitement, and a wow factor. If I bring a wow factor to your mind then I have done my job as an artist. I am inspired by famous photographers, friends and family, animals and my passion (beside photography) for sports.  My work is a reflection of me because I love animals, people, unique scenery and anything that has to do with being active. I have been doing photography since 2012 when I started my first photo class in high school. I started because I realized that I like taking photos and displaying them for others to see and admire. From there, I became a photographer for my school newspaper for two years while taking photography classes as well.  I have also entered my work into many photography competitions and was awarded some honorable mentions for a couple different photographs. As you will see, 
I have a range of styles some of which being; portraiture, sports, landscape, fashion, animals, and wildlife. My styles relate to photography because they are all different aspects to see in a photo. I create photos because I love capturing different moments to preserve a memory and show the world a different view on the subject. To me, my photography is a way of giving a different perspective to convey my vision. 


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