The beauty product you can’t live without is….

All women love their beauty products. There are such a wide variety of these products out there. However, no matter which ones you use, beauty products are part of our early morning ritual. If we don’t use them, we don’t always feel ready for the day. I spoke with a couple of women to find out which products they could not live without. Through watching this video, you will hear a variety of opinions about preferred beauty products and why women chose them. I hope you enjoy watching this video and can personally understand where these women are coming from.

New Food Organization at ASU

Have you ever wondered what restaurants are around Arizona State University? Maybe you aren’t quite sure how to cook your favorite dish? Spoon University is an online food publication starting up at ASU to help you figure out how to develop your culinary prowess and much more. Listening to this podcast you will get an inside look on all that this club entails and how you can be a part of it. This new organization opens up many different opportunities for this college campus and the potential for food to be a highlight of ASU. So check out this podcast to get the details. Bon Appetit!

Arizona Pet Rescue Center

Do you have a love for pets? Do you like volunteering? Not sure where to go or how to start? Through pet rescue centers, you can foster animals and help them become adopted. By watching this video, you can understand more about Ohana Animal Rescue. You will hear from a volunteer about where this rescue’s animals come from and how long they have had animals for. While listening to the information, you can see adorable animals come across your screen from national pet adoption weekend on September 17, 2016. You can start helping by contacting Ohana Animal Rescue using the link below.